Where did George Washington get his military experience? How did he rise into an influential status that was so important to the Revolutionary War? That's an area of Washington's life that author Peter Stark researched and has presented in a new book, "Young Washington: How War and Wilderness Forged America's Founding Father." The book takes the reader into pre-Revolutionary times in America, when Washington was involved with the French and Indian Wars, meeting successes and failures. The military excursions prepared him for conducting campaigns with meager supplies, personnel and money. The lessons he learned served him well in the coming Revolutionary War.

Stark will be reading from his new book Thursday, May 16, at Chapter One Book Store at 3rd and Main in Hamilton. The reading will start at 6 p.m. Stark, who has written for "Outside" magazine, will be visiting Chapter One for the second time. You might remember Stark's previous book, "Astoria," about a failed settlement in the Northwest.

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