If a puppy is born around Christmastime, there's a good chance she could get a Christmas name. And Egg Nog isn't a perfect dog name.

That's partly why this week's puppy up for adoption on Take Me Home Tuesday is known by the unusual name of "French Hen." 

Allison Kadler of the Humane Society of Western Montana brought French Hen to the KYSS studios on Daybreak with Dennis for a visit and an explanation of her unusual name. 

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"She's an 8-week-old, medium mixed-breed pup," Allison explained. "They are so cute. She's a little black baby. She's got some white paws and a little white speckle on her forehead."

French Hen and her sisters have been at the shelter on Highway 93 south of Blue Mountain Road for the past few weeks. 

Even though I had guessed the answer right off, I went into investigative journalist mode and pressed for the explanation.

"Our Paws team are the ones who give all the pets their names," Allison explained. "They actually came in right after Christmas, so they've been with us for a few weeks. So the Christmas song, you know."

"Yeah," I responded in my best Mike Wallace voice. "So you've got the 12 Days of Christmas. What else do you have?" 

"We have Partridge already got adopted," Allison said. "We also have Milk and Turtle Dove."

If there had been a brother or two they could have mixed in Lords (as in leaping), or maybe Drummer for the pup out if there had been a full litter. They may be on to something here. 

You can meet French Hen, and her remaining sisters, as well as lots of other adorable dogs and cats during the Humane Society's next Adoption Event. It's happening Saturday, starting at 1 pm at Engel & Volkers at 321 North Higgins Avenue.

Maybe they even have some calling birds you can take home.  

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