Over the weekend my wife and I attended her company Christmas party. I will admit it wasn't my first choice of things to do on a Saturday night but I knew it would be good food as the venue was The Ranch Club. And I have to admit after the party on Saturday night, I had a really great time.

It kicked off around 7pm with cocktails and appetizers, and the puff pastry with cheese were really good. Then we all sat down for dinner and I had a delicious Montana steak with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. Again, not exactly my favorite meal other than the steak but it was all delicious.

Then we did the white elephant gift exchange and there were some really cool prizes being passed around. Like massages, local wines and beers, also local sweatshirts that were awesome. My wife ended up with a really nice wine rack and two bottles of wine, and I got a nice bottle of Jameson Whiskey. How can you not enjoy a nice steak dinner and leaving with a bottle of Whiskey, it was a tremendous night.

Moral of the story, next year I will be more excited for the holiday party!

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    Charene lost the best, and had to become a Seahawks fan!

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