Two years ago I was asked by Ellen DeGeneres's long time writer and comedian Margaret Smith, to open up for her stand up comedy act. I had 24 hours to write and memorize my own 5 minute monologue...and it didn't turn out half bad!

My buddy John Staats and I  decided to team up as Missoula's next stand up comedy duo and do comedy nights. So excited to start writing some material. Stand up comedy is one of the most difficult things I have ever done, and I've lived a pretty full life. It is especially different when you don't have a writer and must write your own material. People fear public speaking more then death. Even though I am use to being on stage and have no fear of doing was still very scary. I gained a new respect for stand up comedians.

We learned this morning on the morning show with Mike and myself, that laughter is the best medicine and can improve brain functions. So watch this video of my first ever stand-up comedy routine, and I hope it will make you smile. Stay tuned for when I will be out doing comedy night!



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