I cannot believe I am saying this but I am actually going to miss going to bowling league every Friday at Westside Lanes. The only reason I even started bowling is because my wife Savannah and her friend Jenny needed another person for their team. And I really didn't have much desire to bowl, seeing as how my wife completely destroys my score every time.

After being beaten for the first couple weeks I finally started asking how to improve. I now have my own ball and my average has jumped 20 pins per game thanks to the advice I get from my wife and others in the league. I quickly forgot about losing all the time and now just enjoy trying to improve my score.

This Friday will be especially great as we wrap up the league. There will be a little get together so we can all brag about how good we are...:) Honestly, we all meet after bowling this week and depending on how you do in the ranks of all bowlers in the league you will win a little money. The top bowler will score $300! I'm almost shocked myself, but I am excited to sign up for another bowling league.


    Serious Fun Coming to Missoula!