Last week I got home from work one afternoon to find many things missing from around the house. I'm not talking big ticket items like televisions but instead smaller things like pillows and shoes. After about two seconds of thinking about it I know what and who was responsible for the missing items... my dogs Koda and Gypsy. UGH!

Savannah and I think of our dogs like our children, they are our family, and we spoil them way too much. But they can also be a pain in the butt like last week. As you can see in the photo above they aren't shy when they want something, this time they were alerting me they are low on dog toys. Often times I will be snacking on a cookie after dinner and they will not leave me alone until I share a few crumbs with them. Essentially they get whatever they want, and both Koda and Gypsy know it.

We all know that dogs cannot speak to humans about their needs or wants, but my dogs have the ability to paw at me until I figure it out. It may take a while but they will continue making their point until I pick up on it. The moral of the story is my dogs are ridiculous and I will probably be stopping on my way home tonight to get more dog toys so I don't have to pick up living room throw pillows from outside anymore.

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