Our two dogs Koda & Gypsy are like kids to Savannah and me. They are especially Savannah's dogs when they get into trouble, like last night.  I will admit it my wife loves Christmas and might to go a little overboard when it comes to getting them presents. They already have so many toys they will be in doggy heaven for weeks playing with new toys. But of course, Savannah wanted to get them each one more gift. And they had been so good about the Christmas tree and presents so far, we didn't even think about locking them up or the tree so they stay away from it while we're gone.

You can guess what happened while we were out shopping for more gifts for them, the dogs celebrated early! Luckily it was only two gifts that they opened up. One of them was for Gypsy anyway, so not a big deal. And the presents they opened had just shown up from Savannah's parents who have animals of their own, so I am assuming the dogs picked those gifts because of the animal smell already on them. So, lesson learned we will be more careful with dogs and Christmas presents moving forward. And yes, the baby gate is now up around the tree, guarding the other gifts until Christmas morning.

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