Looks like the Ogren Park events season will be running a little longer than expected - I was at Centerfield Cinema last night for their showing of Grease, and - in addition to adding a couple more movies to the calendar for September - they also let it slip that they'll be continuing into October. We weren't sure if that would be the case, as the weather's gonna start to get colder, but that's great news! And, if movies are continuing, we're guessing there'll be more events to come for that month over at the ballpark.

I've made it out to every movie they've shown this year, and I've gone to a ton of their Trivia Tuesdays, too (sometimes, even coming very close to winning. I still demand a Star Wars trivia rematch). Each week follows a different theme, and next week for trivia is another that I'm excited to test my knowledge on: Music Trivia!

As someone who works in radio, part of me thinks I have an advantage here - but, depending on what kinds of music we're talking about, this could get tricky. A team filled with people who are into all different kinds of music is probably your best bet with this one.

Music Trivia will be happening at Ogren Park on Tuesday, September 15th - doors open at 6:30, and the first round starts at 7:30. Admission is free, but you can get tickets for the fire pit experience here.  All other info can be found at the Paddleheads' Facebook page.

This week's theme: Music
Better jam to some tunes this weekend and study up!

Gates at 6:30 - Trivia at 7:30

Posted by Missoula PaddleHeads on Thursday, September 10, 2020

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