Three-day weekends are easier to get away on vacation. An extra day for travel is such an important factor. If you want to take the family out of the area and can afford to spend your spondulicks on a holiday weekend it's the perfect time to leave.

Maybe you're feeling extra adventurous and taking off Thursday from work too. That's what I call fancy living.

In case you need a vacation and don't know where to go, earlier this week I compiled a list of all the direct flight options out of Missoula with a "What To Do" guide for each destination.

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If you are flying out of Missoula this weekend you'll be glad to hear the Missoula Montana Airport is opening an extra parking lot this weekend according to its Facebook page.

"With the very busy holiday weekend approaching we are working to add additional parking options at the airport."

The MSO Airport is opening the "Economy Parking" lot east of the terminal (on the construction side). Be aware, that it is credit card only but only runs you $8 per day.

The last time I flew I parked in the Economy lot (I thought it was called "Overflow" parking) and it worked out well. I would park there whenever it's open since it's only $8 a day.

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Regardless, MSO Airport asks you to arrive a couple of hours before your departure time. You never know when something will hit the fan, so always give yourself a little extra time. Don't race through the airport and realize you forgot Kevin at home.

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