Just like everyone else, anglers can't be two places at the same time. We're guessing some wish they could have been.

Two more big walleye fishing tournaments were held this past weekend in Montana. And the winning weights were again staggering. But is there ever a huge contrast between first and second place finishes in each tourney.

Just eight days ago on Fort Peck Reservoir, at the 2023 Walleye Governor's Cup, the two-person team of Brem Phipps and Clyde Phipps from Jordan, Montana, topped the field with a two-day weight of 104.32 pounds. That's an average weight of 10.43 pounds per walleye. The Phipps' 5-fish weight total on Day One was 52.22 pounds, and 52.10 pounds on Day Two. The second-place finishers, Joshua Johnson and Cody Roland, both from North Dakota, brought in 103.78 pounds, and Cody Martinez of Winnett, Montana, and his partner Max Wilson from Wisconsin, brought in 101.5 pounds.

This time around, Cody Martinez and his partner Zeik Gordon, reached the summit at the 2023 Hell Creek Walleye Fishing Tournament, also on Fort Peck. Their winning weight of 102.23 pounds was just enough to sneak past the Governor's Cup champs, Brem Phipps and Clyde Phipps, whose runner-up weight was 101.82 pounds!Those were the only two teams whose two-day totals exceeded 100 pounds.

The other big walleye tournament held in Montana this past weekend was on Tiber Reservoir. Given the two tournaments held on back-to-back weekends at Fort Peck, there's just so many competitive anglers to go around. Still, the Tiber tournament did host over 50 teams, and it's safe to say there was definitely not the drama as to who was taking the title compared to the Hell Creek tournament.

Congratulations to the team of Lance Kresge, Bozeman, and Dan Peterson, Lewistown, who blew away the field with a two-day weight of 81.86 pounds. The second-place finishers' weight? 49 pounds.

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