I didn't realize so many cities around the country do drops of some sort on New Years Eve. Actually, Digital City and Wikipedia claim many cities will drop something other than a ball on New Year's Eve.

Bangor, Maine will drop a beach ball decorated with lights

Baltimore Maryland will drop a disco ball.

Duluth, Georgia - a disco ball called the Soaring Spirit Ball is raised

Terre Haute, Indiana will drop watermelons

Atlanta will drop an 800-pound peach.

Port Clinton, Ohio is dropping a walleye fish.

Mount Olive, NC will drop a pickle

Hershey Pennsylvania will drop a Hershey's Kiss.

Tallapoosa, Georgia will drop an opossum

Kokomo, Indiana - an aluminum 70-Pound Ball with 34,000 lights is dropped

Vincennes, Indiana - watermelons are dropped

Havre de Grace, Maryland - a wooden duck is dropped

Black Creek, North Carolina - a large red heart represents "A Small Town with a Big Heart".

Brasstown, North Carolina - The Possum Drop. A plexiglass pyramid containing a living opossum is lowered from the roof of Clay Logan's convenience store. The possum is turned loose at the end of the celebration.

Elmore, Ohio - a sausage will be dropped

Cincinnati, Ohio - a flying pig is "flown" - not dropped, confirming there is at least one occasion "when pigs fly".

Akron, Pennsylvania - A purple-and-gold shoe is dropped

Beavertown, Pennsylvania - a beaver is dropped

Cleona, Pennsylvania - A pretzel is raised

Frogtown, Pennsylvania - A frog is dropped

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania - A lollipop is dropped

Ickesburg, Pennsylvania - A french fry is dropped

Mobile, Alabama - A giant electric Moon Pie is raised

Flagstaff, Arizona - A pine cone is dropped from the balcony of Weatherford hotel.

Key West, Florida - A large ruby slipper, with drag queen Gary "Sushi" Marion inside is dropped

Easton, Maryland - A crab is dropped

Ocean City, Maryland - A beach ball is dropped

Eastover, North Carolina - A three-foot tall, thirty-pound wooden flea is dropped

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania - Two pickles are dropped

Lebanon, Pennsylvania - A 100-pound stick of Lebanon Bologna is dropped

Richland, Pennsylvania - A cigar is dropped

Bartlesville, Oklahoma - An olive is dropped

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