While Montana might be one of the least populated states, don't think that a lack of people means that there isn't a lot to do. Whether you like the city or the wide open plains, there is plenty to do when you hit the state lines. Montana is home to two national parks -- Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park-- countless rivers and lakes, state parks, ski resorts and modern cities.

Yellowstone National Park

The world's first National Park, Yellowstone is situated over three states -- southern Montana, eastern Idaho and northern Wyoming -- and can be accessed through entrances near Bozeman, Cook City, Livingston and West Yellowstone. The park features 3,472 square miles of wilderness that include 290 waterfalls and more than 300 geysers, including the famous Old Faithful, which erupts roughly once per hour. The park features more than 950 miles of hiking trails and 60-plus species of wildlife. Yellowstone is open year-round and offers different experience during summer and winter seasons.

Glacier National Park

While it might not get the press that Yellowstone does, Glacier National Park in the northern part of the state is a must see when you come to Montana. With a total area of 1,600 square miles, the park is known for its spectacular scenery and abundance of natural glaciers, 26 in all. The park is home to 70 species of mammals and more than 200 species of birds, and features such natural attractions as the Iceberg Lake Trial and the 50-mile-long Going-to-the-Sun Road.


Helena is the capital of Montana and in a way one of the best representations of the state's past and present. A modern city, Helena also has hung onto a lot of its past with the preservation of many of the old buildings and attractions that made it popular during the post gold rush years, when it became a haven for those who struck it rich. You can take a variety of tours that give you insight into the area's history.

Lewis & Clark Caverns

The Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park is in the southwestern portion of the state near the city of Whitehall. Montana's first state park, Lewis & Clark Caverns features spectacular caves lined with stalactites, stalagmites, columns and helictites. Two-hour guided tours of the caverns are offered from May 1 through September 30, and nearby campgrounds offer a visitor center, amphitheater, picnic areas and cabin rentals.


While Bozeman is a small town, it also is one of the more diverse and eclectic ones you'll find in the region. While the city definitely has an Old West" flavor Bozeman also is home to Montana State University, which gives the town an alternative college-town feel as well. Add in influence by artists and outdoor enthusiasts, and Bozeman has something for everyone. The city is home to the Museum of the Rockies and a variety of ski resorts within driving distance.

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