Recreational use of the rivers here in western Montana is growing. People float, fish, and swim in them. Wildlife enthusiasts trek along the banks and wetlands looking for the birds and animals that live there. Outdoor recreationists camp in some spots. Our rivers provide us with a lot of outdoor opportunities.

Several organizations responsible for those rivers are teaming up this summer to see what can be done to make our river experiences even better. The U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department and The University of Montana will conduct a study of river use and recreation on the  Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and West Fork of the Bitterroot rivers.

They’re interested in what people have to say about the recreational experience and how it might be improved. They’ll have simple, easy to fill out cards at access sites for river users.  They also plan to have some survey takers at take out points on the rivers during the summer floating season.

This is a real opportunity to express yourself and help make outdoor recreation even better. I hope you take a few minutes to do that.

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