Hear ye, hear ye! Ye Olde Renaissance Faire doth maketh its triumphant return to the great state of Montana! Forsooth!

If you were able to translate my incredibly accurate period-speak, you'll know that means the Montana Renaissance Faire is back for another round in 2022.

What Is the Montana Renaissance Faire?

The Montana Renaissance Faire started last year in Kalispell, and evidently, it was a big enough hit to keep it going. You'll see people dressed up in typical medieval garb, have tons of dining and shopping experiences, get to interact with comedic characters, witness amazing stunts, and see the knights in all-out high-speed joust.

We had a Renaissance Faire near where I grew up that we went to a few times, and the culture surrounding it is always so much fun - you can tell the people involved are having a blast, and that translates to a great time for the people attending. I remember one time there was a guy passing out a tray of cockroaches for sale and was singing "I've got big bugs!" to the tune of "Big Balls" by AC/DC - and me being the only one that laughed at the reference when he did it. Bon Scott would be proud.

The Montana Renaissance Faire is happening over the course of two weekend at the Majestic Valley Arena in Kalispell. You'll be able to go on July 30th and 31st, or a week from August 6th through 8th. Tickets are available on their website, and you can even buy camping passes if you want to make a whole weekend out of it!

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