Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen are encouraging local school districts to utilize computer science courses. Arntzen says this will help fulfill graduation requirements.

“This is about having computer science be part of our core graduation requirements,” Arntzen said. “We are building for the future. We believe that computer science, understanding how all of that works from a teacher standpoint to a student, is extremely important for the future of Montana schools.”

According to Arntzen, skills in computer science can lead to more opportunities for all Montanans.

“This is part of the model of learn to earn and I believe in that,” Arntzen said. “I believe in the investment in K-12 education. It is not just about getting that diploma. It is making sure that they have skills that are viable in the community, in their career and also in college.”

Arntzen thanked Microsoft for partnering with Montana schools to provide resources that will expand classroom learning opportunities.

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