Washington Grizzly Stadium on the UM campus will be the setting once again for MCPS graduation ceremonies this week.

Outgoing MCPS Public Information Officer Hatton Littman provided details for the weekend’s activities.

“We will start those ceremonies on Thursday afternoon with Willard High School and they will start at four o'clock,” said Littman. “On Friday, we get to host the ceremonies for Big Sky, Hellgate and Sentinel, all at Washington Grizzly Stadium. Then on Sunday June the sixth our Seeley Swan High School will host their graduation in their school auditorium.”

This year’s graduation will be significantly larger than last year with each student receiving a higher number of tickets for family and friends.

“This year, we were really excited that we were able to provide 10 tickets for every graduate,” she said. “So graduates were able to include really anybody so long as they didn't extend past 10 guests. We were so thankful that the University of Montana worked with us and allowed us to use their online ticketing system, so that everybody will be reasonably spaced apart. Each group of 10 will sit in small clusters of two all close together, and then the next group of 10 will be at least six feet away.”

As far as commencement speakers go, Littman provided some details.

“All of the schools have student speakers, so you will usually see class presidents and students who have served in some capacity as leaders in their school speaking at their events,” she said. “One of the schools does have an external speaker and that's Hellgate High school. In the past they've had some very illustrious keynote speakers, such as former Governor Steve Bullock, and Montana Senator Jon Tester.”

Littman asks all who will be driving to the event to please be careful driving around campus.

“We certainly enjoy when the entire town of Missoula recognizes our graduates and celebrates along with them, so we hope that everybody will do so,” she said. “We don't know exactly how the campus police at UM will be managing traffic flow, but we just ask that people be thoughtful and safe as they're driving around the campus that day because there'll be a lot of extra traffic.”

Littman said this would be her final interview as MCPS Communications Director, and KGVO wishes her well.


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