Who would have guessed that Montana was mostly populated by a bunch of Garfields?

A new study from Zippia has ranked every state in the US to determine which one truly hates Mondays the most, and apparently Montanans REALLY don't like going back to work after the weekend, because we actually ranked at number 2 on the list.

How did they figure this out? They actually analyzed a few different Google searches to see which states searched for them the most: specifically, jobs, coffee, the phrase "why am I so tired?," and the phrase "call in sick." The more states that had people looking for new jobs, trying to get out of work, trying to find coffee, or wondering why they're sleepy all the time, the study figured there was a higher chance that they hated Mondays.

Granted, perhaps it's not the most scientific study. But it did find that Montana actually searches for coffee the most out of any other state, which probably put it over the top to take the number two spot. Number one was Idaho, and they actually call in sick more than any other state.

Actually, looking at the map, you start to see a pattern where most of the states that really hate Mondays are on the western half of the US, and then the further east you go, the further down the list you get. And if you want to actually like your job and not hate going in to work every Monday, it looks like your best bet is Vermont, which placed number 50 on the list.

Do you hate Mondays as much as it seems the rest of Montana does?

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