A new study, as reported by the UK Daily Mail reveals that Mondays really are the worst part of the week.

The study was conducted by British broadband Internet provider Plusnet and reveals that 11:17 a.m. on Mondays is when people feel the most miserable throughout the week. Other findings include that:

  • 25% of people feel good on Mondays.
  • 40% of people say a spontaneous hug cheers them up
  • 42% of people say stumbling across a bargain cheers them up.
  • 47% of people say doing a good deed for someone else makes them happy.
  • 72% of people get annoyed when others don't say 'thank you'.
  • 39% of people say a compliment from a stranger cheers them up.
  • 35% of people say being greeted by their pet cheers them up
  • 31% of people say hearing their favorite song on the radio cheers them up


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