I doubt we'll see too many Missoula Madonnas or M T Hammers out there, but you never know.

If you're Hungry Like the Wolf to see your fabulous University of Montana basketball team (18-5 overall, 11-0 in Big Sky Conference) make Another One Bite the Dust, then Come On Eileen (or whatever your name is).  Drive, run or Walk Like an Egyptian to the Adams Center Thursday night and find yourself in Rapture with this exciting group of Griz!

And yes, it is 80s Night, with prizes awarded for the best 1980s attire. And honorable mentions for animal costumes, too, as the quest to bring back the student "Zoo" continues. Get really dressed up and you'll have people wondering, Who Can it Be Now?

Speaking of UM students, you will be treated to free pizza and a chance to win some cash just for showing up. So how about it, Sweet Child of Mine? Can we count on you to help pack the place for Grizzly basketball vs. Portland State Thursday night at 7:00? And of course Saturday night, too, against Sacramento State. If you need to know more, just check with your buddies at the Griz ticket office.


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