With a new governor in office in Montana a year ago came newly appointed people in high-profile state positions.

One position of particular interest to thousands of Montana hunters and anglers is that of  director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. It is a position that deals with a lot of public scrutiny, because what Montana sportsman and sportswoman doesn't have an opinion about how this lake or that hunting district or certain land access should be managed.

And while a hundred people might have a hundred different thoughts and solutions for any one topic, Hank Worsech, Director of Montana FWP, is gracious enough to give us an hour of his Saturday morning and tackle some of those questions. "Ask Hank" was a big hit the first time a few months back, and Director Worsech is willing to make it a quarterly segment on our weekly statewide hunting and fishing radio broadcast.

We invite you to tune in to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, live from 6:00 - 8:00 a.m. every Saturday morning. In Missoula the show airs on KGVO, FM 98.3 and AM 1290. In Hamilton you can hear the show on 1240 KLYQ. You can also listen live on those stations' mobile apps.

Back to the task at hand. If there is a question you would like Hank Worsech to answer, please send that question via email to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show's co-host, Downrigger Dale. Hank will join the program live during the entire 7:00 a.m. hour.

The email address for your questions is downrigger@montanaoutdoor.com. The last time Hank was on, time did not allow answers to all of the questions, but we promise to do our best to once again get through as many as possible.

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