I remember chatting with someone and they mentioned "the food bank" in the middle of our conversation. I nodded my head like I knew exactly what they were talking about - but as it turned out, I didn't. And that my friends, is the day I realized the Missoula Food Bank wasn't the only one in town. Hey, you don't know until you know, and I would guess somebody is reading this right now and saying "wait.......there's more than one?"

The Montana Food Bank Network is a statewide food bank (the only one) and they distribute food all over Montana. Their website says "we partner with neighborhood food banks, community pantries, social organizations, homeless shelters, schools, and hundreds of other organizations that are all working together to end hunger in Montana."

Just like everything else, COVID-19 has thrown some curveballs at the MFBN this year. Since the pandemic started they've only allowed employees into the Food Bank. And that presents a bit of a problem when they rely on the help of so many volunteers that aren't actually staff members. They've actually been operating out of an airplane hanger that Neptune Aviation offered up so volunteers would be able to pack food boxes. The bad news is the MFBN has to be out of that space by the end of the year and they're in search of a new place for volunteers to work out of.

This Montana Right Now article mentions how the MFBN wouldn't be able to keep the food boxing program going without the proper space to house volunteers. I know most people don't have a spare building that's the size of an airplane hangar - but the Montana Food Bank Network is looking for options if you have any ideas.

And if you want to help with services - they're always looking for volunteers!

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