In Montana owning guns and using them for food, recreation, protection and as an investment is quite common. More so to the fact, we consider owning operating firearm is not only a given right, but a right of passage and tradition in our state.

Which came to no surprise when a study from the RAND Corporation says that Montana has the highest gun ownership percentage out of any other state in the United States.

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I was surprised to find out that Montana has more guns in households than Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and yes, even Texas and Florida. Not by much, but we do.

The RAND Corporation gathered these statistics from years of research, in fact according to their study it was from 1980 to 2016. 36 years of measuring a multitude of factors involving permit acquisitions, background checks, statistics form Fish, Wildlife and parks, right down to magazine subscriptions to Guns & Ammo.

They took all this information over all the years, plugged it into the most convoluted math formulas that I've ever seen and wrote a full report about it that I'm still reading and comprehending.

The screenshot below represents the county as a whole.

Over 60 percent of households in Montana own a firearm in some form.

There is also a representation of the top ten states in the United States that own firearms with Montana on top.

I doesn't surprise me that Montana has the most guns in the United States. As I stated before, We take a lot of activities involving guns very seriously both culturally and economically and it's been that was since people and guns have been apart of Montana.

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