Missoulian Editor Matt Bunk was suspended this week after reportedly bringing a gun to work, but this is just the latest example of turmoil and turnover at the local paper.

Not too long ago, Missoulian Editor Sherry Devlin stepped down after being demoted, she has since filed a lawsuit in District Court claiming discrimination and wrongful termination.

"I think people are a little dissatisfied with the direction of the corporation and some of its internal policies," said Martin Kidston, a reporter that left the Missoulian this year. "[The employees] are overworked and underpaid and under-motivated because there is no reason to get motivated because there is no leadership. We've had four newsroom employees since the new editor arrived. The turnover is tough. They've got great reporters and its unfortunate that they are not getting what the need to do the job that they want to do."

The tough times show no sign of stopping, Kidston says Missoulian editor Justin Grigg has given his notice and will be leaving the Missoulian in the next week or so.

They are the kind of stories you likely won't read in the local paper, but the turmoil and turnover happening at the Missoulian is now being covered in Kidston's blog the Missoula Current.

Go here to see Kidston's full coverage of Matt Bunk's suspension: Missoulian Editor Suspended, "Until Further Notice"

According to Kidston, internal emails indicate that staff from the Billings Gazette will be helping to edit for the Missoulian until things are back in order.

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