Missoula’s wooly weed-eating friends are set to return this summer.  Grazing animals can be used as an environmentally safe, low-cost, and effective way to keep noxious weeds like knapweed and leafy spurge from getting out of hand, so let's let these fluffy guys do their job. This means leave your dogs at home, please.

The initial dog closures include the Waterworks trail, and Mountain View Trailheads from June 20th to July 10th.  As of right now, your dog is permitted at the North Hills Sunlight Lands trailheads, but they should either be on a leash or have excellent voice recall.

The reason for leaving your furry buddy at home is of course so they don’t run off the sheep from their grazing area, but these sheep are also protected by their own guard dog.  This dog can and will attack any animal it feels is a predator. If you absolutely must get your dog out for a walk now that the sun is finally shining (trust me I get it) I would suggest one of Missoula’s terrific dog parks.  Please be careful at the University area dog park, however, as the river is running very fast and high.

The Missoula Parks and Recreation Department wants you to get out and enjoy our Missoula trails but, if you encounter grazing sheep:

  1. Slow down and consider an alternate route
  2. Follow any directions given to you by the sheep herder
  3. Stay on the path
  4. Be respectful of the sheep and enjoy your hike

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