Wanna go bowling to help out a good cause?
Every year, the Missoula Campus Of Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest holds their annual Pins4Hope Bowl-A-Thon at Westside Lanes here in town. The event is in support of their campus right here in Missoula.
Of course, with the ongoing pandemic, it's totally reasonable to assume the event would have to be cancelled or postponed, or maybe move into the virtual space (everybody could dust off their Wii and play some Wii Bowling!). But, it looks like that won't be the case! The Pins4Hope Bowl-A-Thon is back on, and it'll be happening on February 21st from 1 to 4 PM.
Here's some info taken from their Facebook event page:
You are invited to join us for a fun-filled bowling extravaganza that raises awareness and funding to put hope within reach of those suffering from addiction in our region.
Register today, invite your friends to
bowl with you on a team, and encourage your network to support the work of our organization. We have prizes available for participating and fundraising!
You can sign up as a team, an individual, or a sponsor, and there will be prizes both for fundraising and for participating. You can register to be part of Pins4Hope right here.
And to their credit, Westside Lanes has done a pretty good job of keeping things safe during the pandemic - only filling up every other lane and consistently cleaning the place, while enforcing their mask policy. Will you be checking out the Pins4Hope Bowl-A-Thon at Westside Lanes?

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