As if a bowling score of 268 last week wasn't good enough, my wife Savannah bowled a 269 this week. Just when it seems that she cannot get much better, she does it. Again this week, as her team mate we have the job of trying to make sure she doesn't think about the perfect game. Because if you start thinking about it, that's when you're going to make a mistake. Savannah's best game ever came while being in high school, was a 288, she was so close to beating that on Friday.

When she bowled a 268 last week she was rewarded with a watch from Westside Lanes for bowling 100 pins over her average, and a few other smaller prizes as well. I know she enjoyed getting her watch, but more than a watch, I know she really wants to at least beat her personal high of 288. Although I think if she got the 300 game, she would be pretty happy with that too.

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