I picture it like bowling........but throwing axes instead of rolling balls!  Or like darts - on steroids.

A Missoula axe-throwing business will be the first one in the state.  Lumberjaxe Throwing Co. plans to open this month, on Toole Ave., beneath the Toole Crossing apartments.

Axe-throwing business got their start in Canada.  They started spreading on the East Coast about three years ago.

Gentry Branz and his wife Megan are the ones responsible for finding the sport a home in Missoula.  After a remodel is finished their building will house throwing lanes surrounded by chain link fencing for safety.  Throwers will get a safety talk, then throw axes at targets on the wall.  There's different games to play, different ways of scoring, and Lumberjaxe will eventually host league nights.

Pricing will be $15 an hour for groups of two or more and $30 an hour for a single thrower.

For more information visit Lumberjaxe Throwing HERE!

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