We've been reporting on the staff shortages around Missoula, and the country, and I noticed over the weekend that even places like oil change and vehicle service businesses are closed due to lack of staffing. So it's not just restaurants, although the food and service industry are certainly suffering the most. With that said, Missoula breakfast favorite, The Catalyst Cafe and Espresso, has made an impressive public proposal. A "staff co-op."

Owner Denis Keast has posted this very Missoula suggestion on Facebook:

The Catalyst would like to offer part time, temporary employment to any restaurant employee who is affected by such a closure.
We are not looking to poach. But if you own a restaurant and cannot offer your staff enough hours due to having to close unexpectedly, we will happily employ them for a day, a few days, a week.
We will offer them (at minimum) the same wage they make at your establishment. We can also offer them cash for each shift. They can call last minute and we will use them immediately as long as they come with your recommendation and blessing.
Nothing long term, no commitment.
My goal is to ease our staffing issues temporarily while hopefully helping other establishments maintain their staff by offering temporary, dependable income to momentarily displaced workers.
Impressive and kind offer, right? Those who are interested are instructed to call or email Denis - denis@thecatalystcafe.com, 406-274-4362.
The Catalyst is currently open for dine-in, pick-up, and delivery Wednesday through Sunday, check out their menu and hours here.

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