If cars are your thing - Saturdays in Missoula have you covered as you can pretty much start and end your day checking out some pretty cool vehicles. You can kick it off with Cars & Coffee in the morning..... and then bookend the day with the Reserve Street Cruise in the evening. And you'll still have the whole middle of the day to fill with whatever you want - be it cars or not.

Setting up shop in a new spot!

If you didn't hear, Cars & Coffee will be operating out of a new location beginning this week. They'll now be using the Rosauers parking lot at 2350 S. Reserve St. to host the event on Saturday mornings from 10 to noon. I'm not a huge car guy but it might just mean I'll end up checking it out one of these Saturdays - there's about a 50/50 chance that my kiddos have me headed to Rosauers for doughnuts on any given Saturday morning.

Park closer to the Reserve Street side of the parking space to allow their customers easy access to the store. Feel free to visit Rosauers in-store coffee shop or the Good Americano coffee shop to say thanks for letting us use their parking space. Let’s give back to them. Also, please do your part to keep these events family-friendly, clean and safe so we can all enjoy the love we share for cars. See ya there! - Cars & Coffee organizers

Cars & Coffee organizers ask that anyone attending the weekly event be respectful of the store's property and adhere to any COVID guidelines the store is following.

Saturday Reserve Street Cruise

Rides are back on display as car owners cruise up and down Reserve. It's pretty cool to see all the vehicles on parade......but not quite as fun when I live nearby and need to run an errand. I have to pull my crappy car out in the middle of all these amazing classics and souped-up moderns. I feel foolish being in the middle of it all. I just envision that people watching from their lawn chairs on the side of the road are questioning why my clunker is out with all the others. Ha!

Grab the family and see the sights from 7 PM - 10 PM with the Reserve Street Cruise.

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