A Missoula woman was arrested Monday afternoon, June 3, around 4:00 p.m. after police received reports of someone damaging personal property.

"Officers were called to the report of a disturbance in the 2300 block of Dearborn Avenue, where it was reported that a female was breaking out windows in cars and, in one case at least, was getting into the car and taking things out of it," said Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "The officer arrived and located a woman fitting the description sitting in another car and identified her as 22-year-old Jody Standingrock.

Standingrock apparently said she was angry with a man and damaged his car, but she was also caught with items that were from a vehicle that didn't belong to the man she was upset with.

"Mrs. Standingrock was subsequently arrested after investigation for the offenses of criminal mischief as well as trespass to vehicles and theft," Welsh said. "Apparently, Mrs. Standingrock was upset about an earlier incident that may have involved a boyfriend, or another male, and she was trying to retrieve property that she said belonged to her."

There were at least two vehicles damaged in the incident, but police are looking for more. The case was charged as a felony because the damage done was estimated at over $1,500.

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