Nothing beats a good stupid criminal story. I saw one today where a guy left his driver's license at the scene and as you can guess the police were able to easily track him down. I would think that not leaving things behind would be the very first thing they cover on day one of the "How to Be a Criminal" master class. Anyone who has seen Home Alone knows the worst thing you can do is leave a trail that connects you to the crime. Remember how well that turned out for the Wet Bandits?

Accident or on purpose?

When it comes to local crime, do we have some clumsy thieves running around Missoula, or is it all part of the plan to leave something behind? I saw a Facebook post today where somebody was trying to find the rightful owner of an iPad that had been left in her car. The kicker is that the iPad was left by someone that broke into her car. Yep, the thief rifled through things and took some money but ended up leaving the iPad behind!

Other things have been left as well

I figured it had to be a mistake to leave the iPad behind, right? But then I saw a comment that said it was the third post of the day where something had been left behind. Someone else commented that they recently had the same thing happen but the thief left behind a can of Axe body spray. And I have to give credit to the person who replied to the Axe comment and said "maybe you'll be able to sniff them out," well played!

What do you think happened?

In too much of a hurry trying to get in and get out without being caught and forgetting it in the dark? Realizing an iPad can be traced and opting to move on without it? I suppose we'll never really know why it was left behind.

One person did comment with the following, which could explain things:

"People on drugs will break into a vehicle or a garage or something like that, pick up a few things, go to the next place, drop one or two things, pick up some more stuff, and go to the next place and do the same thing."

Maybe there will be a Hollywood ending

I would like to think it's a Wet Bandits situation. Someone keeps leaving items behind as they make their way across town committing minor break-ins. But they'll leave one item to many and end up leading to their own downfall, Buzz will yell at Kevin asking "what did you do to my room?" and the film will fade to black. Ok, my crime reporting might be getting intertwined with my desire to watch Home Alone now that we're entering the holiday season. Either way, lock up those vehicles and keep your belongings safe!

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