On Tuesday, the Missoula Police Department announced they’re investigating a number of drug overdoses in the community. According to Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold, MPD has seized a number of pills that have been connected to overdoses.

“The stamp on these pills is similar to legitimate oxycodone/hydrochloride medication,” Arnold said. “However, the Montana State Crime Lab has confirmed the pills contain fentanyl and acetaminophen. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid which can easily lead to overdose. To date, an 18-year-old victim has died in connection to a Missoula drug overdose. Other areas in our region have reported many overdoses, some of which have been fatal.”

Arnold said the use of Narcan by first responders has proven to be effective in reversing some overdose symptoms.

“Missoula city and county residents should only consume prescriptions that were prescribed for them,” Arnold said. “In addition, law enforcement asks parents to please visit with their youth and ensure they are aware of the dangers of ingesting any unknown substance. This is an active criminal investigation by many agencies, therefore no further information can be released. If and when a criminal prosecution begins, more information may be made available at a later time. If you have information related to this investigation you can call Crime Stoppers at 406-721-4444 or the Missoula Police Department at 406-552-6300.”

The MPD is releasing photos below of these illegal pills so the public can be aware of their appearance. There may be other illegitimate pills or illicit drugs that contain fentanyl that have not yet been seized and confirmed.

Photo Courtesy of MPD
Photo Courtesy of MPD

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