I always tell my wife that I wish I could get a call from a random lawyer to inform me that a long-lost family member had gifted me their house in their will. And in my fantasy the house is paid off and I never have to think about rent again. When I look at my expenses, rent is the thing that kills me the most. I can only imagine what it would be like to have that money to spend on other things every month instead of just handing it over and kissing it goodbye.

I would imagine there are plenty of people that have the same thoughts when it comes to childcare. It's another one of those things that you just have to bite the bullet and pay - but it's crazy how expensive it is, especially for families that need services for more than one kid. With families feeling the pinch in so many different ways this year due to COVID-19 - this has to be a welcome sight for many. Missoula Parks and Recreation is offering childcare at the old library building for as little as $1 a day. With the space becoming open after the library moved to their new location, and help from a couple large grants, families can see a pretty sizable discount from the regular cost of services.

Normal prices for childcare through Parks & Rec are $40 for a full day and $20 for half-day. But regardless of income, all families are now eligible for a 50% discount that knocks the prices down to $20 and $10 for full and half-day. And even more of a discount is available for some as families can pay as little as $1 for half-day and $2 for a full day of care based on income.

An article in The Missoulian described how the library has been transformed, and it sounds like there's some fun stuff for kids, "There’s a movie-viewing area with bean bags for lounging, a floor hockey rink, a “parkour” area that allows for varying obstacle courses, an arts-and-crafts studio, a STEM-themed space and a closed off quiet space with computers and other supplies for remote learning work." Of course, there's also quiet areas for students to focus on their homework.

If you're in need of childcare - you don't have to be locked into a weekly schedule - you can choose individual days throughout the week. Get details and apply here to take advantage of the discounted rates that are available through January 22.

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