Did you think the fun events at Ogren Park were winding down with the end of summer approaching? Well, the Missoula PaddleHeads keep pulling out new ways to entertain us and they aren't done just yet. In the absence of a baseball season we've been able to use the ballpark in ways we never have before. We've watched movies from the outfield grass, done yoga inside the stadium, been able to rent out the park for batting practice and birthdays, and so much more. The latest announcement will see Ogren Park hosting fans as they take their swings......but with golf clubs instead of bats.

Photo: Missoula PaddleHeads
Photo: Missoula PaddleHeads

If nothing else, you have to give them credit for the clever name. You might be familiar with Pebble Beach when it comes to golf - now, get ready to play nine holes at Paddle Beach Golf Club. There'll be six different days to play a modified game of golf while you hit from the concourse at Ogren Park and take aim at flags on the baseball field. It'll be like having a Topgolf in town, only just for a handful of days.

It should be a ton of fun! Grab your clubs and get ready to play Paddle Beach on September 18-20 and September 25-27.

All you need to know from the PaddleHeads website is below:

Join us for a round of golf like you've never seen beFORE!

Experience our transformed ballpark that includes:

  • 9 Hole Course - with 9 Concourse hitting bays and 9 on-field pin locations
  • Personal Caddies at each hitting bay
  • Tee times available BOTH day & night (play under the stadium lights, with LED flag poles!)
  • Saturday Night golf includes a live DJ performance to really get the party jumping
  • Post round - enjoy a drink at our "10th hole" party area

How it works:

  • Bring your own clubs - or borrow from a friend
  • Tee times every 7 minutes, with pairings up to 4 golfers

We recommend (clubs you hit roughly 130yds to 60yds):

  • Men: Pitching Wedge and down
  • Women: 8 Iron and down
  • Kids: Parents, we'll lean on you for distance suggestions, here


  • Each pin location will have three circles of various sizes
  • Hit inside the 1st ring - 1pt
  • Hit inside the 2nd ring - 2pt
  • Hit inside the 3rd ring - 3pt
  • Hit it anywhere on the field - 4pt


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