Employment and getting people back to work has been a hot topic this week - not only in Montana, but everywhere. I saw a story this morning about convenience stores across the country struggling to stay open 24 hours because they can't find workers to fill all the shifts. The problem stems from people making more money on unemployment than they do working because of the federal unemployment benefits program that was introduced after the start of the pandemic. Montana made news this week when Governor Gianforte introduced his plan to return unemployment benefits to the way they were pre-pandemic. But the plan also includes a $1,200 bonus for those that get a job and keep it for at least four weeks.

Want a job that you can have some fun with?

One place that's hiring in Missoula is the Missoula Paddleheads. They're getting ready to start the season in just under three weeks and they're looking to hire for multiple summer positions at the ballpark.

If you're looking to get back to work after COVID affected your employment, looking for a part-time job that works with your schedule, or looking for a second job.....this could be perfect for a number of situations. The PaddleHeads are hiring for a handful of positions - and any job description called "fun zone" can't be too bad of a thing.

Where and how to apply!

The PaddleHeads will host their Job Fair on Monday (5/10) at Ogren Park from 3:30 - 6:30 PM. I wouldn't worry too much about picking out your finest interview attire - it sounds like it'll be pretty laid back and the event will feature music at the ballpark and hot dogs. I mean, they wouldn't serve hot dogs if they expected you to dress all fancy. That's just an accident waiting to happen with a big glob of mustard.

Good luck on getting one of the gigs! And go PaddleHeads!

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