Seriously, how could you resist all this oomp-pah-pah on a lovely Sunday afternoon? Especially when it's free?

Our very own Missoula City Band, in conjunction with Northwest Big Brass Bash, invite you to a free tuba concert, this Sunday, July 16, at the Bonner Park Band Shell. With temperatures expected in the upper 90s Sunday, shade will be at a premium, but don't let that discourage you from partaking in this tuba treat.

The concert is the culmination of a two-day festival of the Northwest Big Brass Bash, who will be welcoming the local tuba and euphonium community to gather for music and fun and to learn from world-class tuba and euphonium guest artists. Adult and student (9th grade and above) tuba and euphonium players will participate in a non-competitive atmosphere for rehearsals, clinics, recitals, and free time where the attendees can spend time with the guest artists.

The Big Brass Bash wraps up with the free public concert on Sunday afternoon, performed by all attendees in a mass tuba ensemble playing classical, jazz, and pop arrangements.

Yep, Missoula, it's Tuba Christmas in July! More than 50 tuba & euphoniums in concert for your pleasure and amazement. Missoula City Band director Gary Gillett promises you will not be disappointed. Incidentally, Gary is always gracious enough to assemble a few Tuba Santas each year to perform during our radio stations' annual fundraiser for needy children in Missoula during the Christmas season, KYSS-Mas for Kids.

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