A few days ago, my girlfriend told me she was going to make dinner that night. Not only was it gonna be dinner, it was gonna be baked ziti - I love baked ziti! I was very excited for some ziti that night... only that ziti never came. She was too tired when she came back from work and we had to figure something else out for dinner at the last minute. The problem was, there was nothing in the house except for the ingredients for baked ziti (which I specifically went out and got so that she could make it)!

So, we ended up ordering some food from a restaurant downtown, and I had to go pick it up. And when I was driving down Higgins, I noticed something - the holiday lights all the way down the street were still hanging and still being lit up! Even the Christmas tree at the end of Higgins was bright and shining. I was surprised! I mean, it's been a few weeks since Christmas, we're well past the New Year, it seems like they'd have been taken down by now, right?

Apparently, that's normal - the Missoula Downtown Partnership says it's typical for the lights to stay up through the end of January. However, this year, they're actually considering leaving them up for a little bit longer - possibly an extra week or so, which would take them into February. In a year that has been as rough for most people as the last one has, people might be able to use a little extra holiday cheer.

Note: I still have not gotten that baked ziti yet.

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