It was going to be a time to celebrate and perhaps a time to heal, too, after losing a parent. It is hard to comprehend the ensuing tragedy.

Maybe some of you have had the good fortune to visit Puerto Escondido, a resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The brochures say the usual things: "Many beaches and a buzzing nightlife. A chill surfers paradise. Beaches lined with palm trees and thatch-roofed bars..."

This was where Matt Tynan and Jenny Horsley of Missoula chose to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. But before the vacation could begin, there was the stop in Denver to attend the funeral of Matt's stepmother.

In Puerto Escondido, on the actual wedding anniversary date, January 26, Matt and Jenny set off on an excursion in their rental vehicle. An investigation concluded that an oncoming tour bus crossed the center line. Matt passed away as a result of the collision.

Speaking with an acquaintance here in MIssoula, we learned that while Matt worked for FedEx, he was right there to help in any way possible with Jenny's business, Habitat Floral. The couple loved animals, especially rescue dogs. Matt is described as a great friend who would do anything for you.

Though Jenny survived, she suffered serious injuries. She was taken to a hospital in Puerto Escondido, where surgery was performed. It is only the beginning.

A close friend of the couple told us that Matt held their health insurance policy which is no longer. Jenny has or soon will be transported back to Missoula, where a specialist has agreed to treat her.

For what are undoubtedly going to be staggering medical expenses for Jenny’s ongoing recovery and care, a GoFundMe account has been established. You can show your support and get more information here.

Our thoughts are with, and our tears are shed for Jenny.

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