There is no doubt things are becoming more diverse in the country. How diverse are we? Thanks to Wallet Hub we so have some statistics and data to find this out. has published an article by Richie Bernardo on the diversity of cities across the country. From age, to income to occupation diversity. First off Missoula and Billings both ranked in the overall diversity, at 207 (Billings) and 257 (Missoula) so more towards the bottom on overall diversity.

The one thing Missoula did rank high in is our age diversity, we have a lot of people of all ages and generations living here in Montana. We came in at number two behind Wilmington, NC of most age diverse cities in America. The ability to accept all ages, which is a great thing. Missoula does hold a lot of diverse folks at the University too so I think that helps.  

Source: WalletHub

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