The year was 2020

And the library had

Some plans for a party

But then the year went bad

There was a major pandemic

And we all stayed inside

T'was not a thing to do

But the library tried

To keep construction going

On a new building, you see

But thanks to some delays

It took an extra month, or three

Or six or nine, we lost count

But it took some more time

Until the new library opened

And it was truly sublime

With tons of new features

(And more room for the books)

With extra rooms and much more space

To hold gazorpastorkstooks

I just made up a word there

A real Dr. Seuss move

When you can't think of a rhyme

A made-up one will improve

Whatever you're working on

And speaking of Dr. Seuss

The Missoula Public Library

Is about to reintroduce

One of their beloved events

A party for kids big and small

You see, it's Dr. Seuss's birthday

118 years in all

So the library will celebrate

The life of Dr. Seuss

It's been two years since they've done it

Because the world went a little fruit loops

So they're holding the party

This Sunday at One

There will be reading, arts and crafts

And most importantly: fun!

Check out the Facebook Event Page

For all the info you need

And the library's website will suffice

So you can find books to read!

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