I have to start by saying I've never had a meal at The Pearl Cafe.  But hopefully I won't be able to say that much longer.  Especially when it can be found right here in town and it gets some serious love in articles like this.

The fine folks at cheapism.com put together a list containing the "Best Under-the-Radar Restaurant in Every State."

Congrats to The Pearl Cafe for taking the bragging rights for Montana.  That's a pretty impressive accolade - to be the top choice for the entire state.

Here's what cheapism.com had to say about The Pearl Cafe in the article

The Pearl Cafe stands out for serving country fare as interpreted by chefs who picked up a few ideas traveling in France. The restaurant serves up a beloved French onion soup, and the charcuterie plate stands out for having rabbit and duck in the mix.

Find The Pearl Cafe at 231 E. Front St. in Missoula.  They'reopen Monday-Saturday from 5 PM.  Call them at 406-541-0231 to reserve a table.

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