Even if you don't know your mythology, you can probably visualize that iconic depiction of a man with a canine head.

That would be Anubis, the god of funeral rites, protector of graves, and guide to the underworld in ancient Egyptian religion. And while we doubt it would say anything about that even if this Anubis had AKC registered papers, he was a pretty special little fella, ready to bring lots of life into a forever home.

Image courtesy of Humane Society of Western MT
Image courtesy of Humane Society of Western MT


It was another Take Me Home Tuesday at the radio stations, sponsored locally by the animal-loving folks at Paul's Pancake Parlor, Tremper's Shopping Center here in Missoula. Allison from the Humane Society of Western Montana brought in the delightful 8-month-old Anubis (uh-NOO-biss), a new guest at the shelter. And as energetic, lovable, sweet and hugg-able as could be, definitely some black lab in his family tree among others things.

Personally, I noticed a very slim pelvic region and tight, narrow hips, reminiscent of a greyhound. And pretty leggy, too, along with adorable white toes on all four feet! Not the whole paw, just the toes.

Allison figures he will be a medium-to-large dog as an adult. He loves humans and other dogs, and if he looks like your kind of pet, they don't anticipate he will be around the shelter for long.

Image courtesy of Humane Society of Western MT
Image courtesy of Humane Society of Western MT


We also wanted to take a moment to congratulate the Humane Society (and thank so many generous western Montanans) for a highly successful annual fundraiser held this past Saturday at the Wilma Theater. The event brought in a record $125,000!

The Humane Society of Western Montana is open Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 till 6:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday visits can also be arranged by appointment. They are located at 5930 US Highway 93 South, Missoula. You can see more of the wonderful animals and learn more about the adoption process by visiting their website.

Take Me Home Tuesdays is presented two Tuesdays each month.

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