With the new year coming up, that can only mean one thing: a lot of people looking to act on their resolution to start exercising more. The gyms will all be flooded with people, everyone will be eating healthier, we'll be a more fit society... for about two weeks, and then everything will go back to normal.

But if you DO decide to stick with the exercise game, good news! Turns out Missoula is definitely the place to do it.

Missoula Has Been Named the Most Fitness-Friendly Place in the US

Smart Asset took a look at nearly 300 cities across the country and took into account certain factors, like the percentage of residents who bike to work, the number of fitness establishments per 10,000 people, and the number of restaurants that serve fast food. And after they crunched the numbers, it was clear that Missoula is the number one place in the country if you're looking to get fit.

But maybe that's not the biggest surprise - after all, Missoula is known for its outdoor activities. It's also an extremely walkable city, which definitely helps get people out and about.

Of course, that does put the pressure on anyone who made a resolution to get more fit in 2022. You can't give up on it now, you're in the most fitness-friendly place in the entire country!

Now if you'll excuse me, I guess I'll go hike the M or something? Feels like I need to do something to burn off that third donut I just ate after reading this.

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