Even though COVID-19 case numbers have been lower, and people continue to get vaccinated, there's still a large percent of people that aren't ready to resume activities such as going to the gym.....or the Missoula Family YMCA. But if you've been blaming a bit of extra weight and a lack of exercise on the pandemic you no longer have a convenient excuse. So many things have gone virtual since COVID hit - and the Missoula Y is now offering up a new way to participate in some of their programs.

While Missoula was in shutdown mode the Missoula Y was offering up their programs online. It's proved to be an option that many actually prefer so the Y will keep on offering the services. With the launch of the Virtual Y Studio members will be able to work out anytime, anywhere. Missoula YMCA instructors will lead members through live-streamed classes and on-demand workouts will be available for whenever you get the urge to get your sweat on.

And there's some good news if you're already a Y member - the new Virtual Y Studio will be included with your membership. C'mon now.....how cool is that? It should be pointed out that it doesn't work both ways - if you sign up for just the Virtual Y Studio membership it won't allow you to have unlimited access to the YMCA facilities. It'll include two passes per year that will give you facility access and the ability to attend in-person classes. Any passes beyond the two will need to be purchased.

It's pretty cool that the Missoula Family YMCA recognized how popular their virtual options have become and opted to make it a permanent thing. They're going to offer their new Virtual Y Studio program beginning April 1st. Find out more with the program HERE.

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