Does it feel like the Winter Olympics have been going on forever? I've hardly watched any of them but I feel like the coverage is all I've seen every time I've turned the tv on recently. I know, I can't complain because after a few more days of action we won't see the Winter Olympics for another four years. And I can't even think about the year 2026 right now - that just seems like some weird science fiction number that can't possibly be sneaking up on us. I will say that one cool thing about the Olympics is learning things about a sport you didn't know anything about. After just a few minutes of watching the big air skiing event, I'm totally slipping "did you see that left double 1620 with a safety grab at the Olympics last night?" into my conversations.

I also learned that Missoula has its share of curling fans

Curling is always a fun one to watch with the Winter Olympics. Somebody at work referred to curling as "throwing teapots" and now it's all I can think of whenever I see it being played! Did you know those teapots curling stones actually weigh 43 pounds? That's one thing I learned while I was reading a KPAX story about the Missoula Curling Club. Of course, the first thing I learned was that there's such a thing as the Missoula Curling Club. Ha!

The Missoula Curling Club

As you can probably guess, there is added interest in curling when the Winter Olympics put a spotlight on the sport. For anyone that really wants to check it out, the Missoula Curling Club has been around for over 10 years, has 150 members, and a quick peek at their website shows they have leagues for experienced curlers and beginners. Not only that, but Glacier Ice Rink hosts the Big Sky Bonspiel, a tournament which the website says "has become one of the largest in the northern U.S. Rockies, attracting teams from Washington, D.C. to British Columbia and throughout Montana and the west."

Who knew?

Well, that's my interesting find of the day. I had no idea curling was a thing people in Missoula got together to play. I might have to check it out and go slide some stones. You can learn more about the Missoula Curling Club by visiting their website.

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