We'll be the first ones to admit that there's nothing so fun as a young, rambunctious kitten.

But there are times when you're not ready for a little tornado to be unleashed in your house. Or maybe you're at that point in your life when you looking for a cat that will keep your same calm, unhurried pace of life.

And that's where a "senior kitty" from the Humane Society of Western Montana's Missoula shelter can be the perfect fit. A case in point was this week's KYSS studio visitor during our "Take Me Home Tuesday" segment.

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"Senior kitties" offer a different kind of pet experience

Unlike a kitten, or even an adult cat that's only a year or two old, a "senior cat" brings a different tone to pet adoption. And you could certainly see that with "Nelly", the 12-year-old cat that's up for adoption this week.

"She was brought in by an owner who had allergies," explained the Humane Society's Janet Rose. "She's so sweet. And she is unusually declawed. So, we don't get a lot of cats in that are declawed. And declawing, just to be clear, is a very, very difficult thing for cats."

But Janet says cats who do adapt after the surgery make great house pets because they have less impact, especially on things like furniture.

In Nelly's case, Janet says she's a cat that is "very sweet", well adjusted and not excitable like younger cats.

That's especially good for seniors.

"They're usually quiet. They're mellow. They're lap cats. And then you don't worry about the future. If you get a young cat and you're quite a bit older then you may be worried about what might happen if I have to go into a home or live with family members."

Nelly is just one of two "senior cats" you can meet at the agency's shelter on Highway 93 just past Blue Mountain Road this week. "Mulbury" is also ready for a new home. 

And just a reminder that the Humane Society will host a vaccination clinic at the Missoula County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

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