A serious crime  was committed and the stolen item has some real sentimental value, too.

Montgomery Distillery in downtown Missoula tried to show a sense of humor in describing the thief as a cat burglar. But they took to Facebook to try to get it back, offering either amnesty or a $500 reward.

Montgomery's manager wrote that sometime in the last couple of days, their beloved mountain lion was stolen from the distillery. It was hanging in the hallway that leads to the restrooms and it appears someone ripped it off the wall and sneaked out the back door.

More than just a cool decoration, the mountain lion was shot by the manager's aunt many years ago and was on loan. If anyone has information on its whereabouts, you are asked to call the distillery at 406-926-1725. Or you can email them, info@montgomerydistillery.com.

As for the thief or thieves, you have an amnesty period through the weekend: return it by the weekend and there will be no questions asked and you can walk away with a clean conscience.

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