Businesses are having a tough go right now when it comes to finding employees. Have you noticed all the "help wanted" and "now hiring" signs in the windows as you walk into a restaurant or store? It's becoming pretty apparent that a lot of places aren't at the "we could use another person or two" level - it's more of the "we don't have enough bodies to fill out the schedule and everybody is getting overworked and wore out" level.

It was back in May that Buffalo Wild Wings announced they would be closed on Mondays. That was initially supposed to last for four weeks - but as of last week they were still closing on Mondays to give their staff some extra time to recharge their batteries. Other businesses around town have also altered their schedules to try and keep employees from getting burned out during the staffing challenges. Some changes are mapped out in advance - while others have been more spur-of-the-moment like the Top Hat throwing a sign on the door and closing for the day last week.

Here's another schedule change that's directly tied to a worker shortage - Conflux Brewing has announced that they'll be altering their hours this week. A Facebook post say's they'll be opening at 3:30 PM on Wednesday through Saturday.

Here's the complete statement from Conflux: "We want to thank everyone for your ongoing support through these crazy times. Conflux like many others is being effected by the post pandemic worker shortage and due to this will be adjusting our hours weekly to accommodate our guests as best we can with the team we have. For the rest of this week we will be opening at 330pm for food and beverage service. Next week we will be getting back to more normal hours, and will do our best to keep everyone updated and informed as we figure things out! Thank you again Missoula!!"

Remember to pack your patience when you visit our local businesses. A lot of places have overworked staff and they're doing the best they can with a limited number of employees.

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