The holidays are upon us, and the colder weather is closing in. It's a perfect time to dress warm, get cozy, and drink a refreshing, dark beer.

Luckily, you've got a lot of options in Missoula to do just that, because every time you walk around a corner, it feels like a new brewery is popping up.

But there's one winter stout that rises above the rest in Missoula, at least according to the people at Thrillist, who recently published an article listing the best stouts in the entire country. And one from Missoula made the list!

Big Sky Brewing's Ivan the Terrible Is One of America's Best Winter Stouts

The article lists off 24 beers across the country, and only one from Montana made the list - Ivan the Terrible, courtesy of Big Sky Brewing.

That's a great choice, and it got me thinking about any other Montana competition they might have in this arena. I can't think of too many stouts in the Missoula area, so Ivan the Terrible might be the only game in town on that front. (And with a hearty 9.5% ABV, too!)

It's been a little while since I've actually been to Big Sky Brewing, and I don't think Ivan the Terrible was on tap last time I was there. So what I'm discovering here is... it's time to make a return.

Do you think Ivan the Terrible deserves to be known as the best winter stout in Montana? Do you have another that you think should take that spot?

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