March has been good for Mineral County. After 'all hell was breaking loose' in November with the sudden departure of the County Sheriff and a rapid closure of the County Jail, Commissioner Roman Zylawy says things are turning around.

"We finally got the plan up and running and we have a full compliment of jailers and dispatchers," said Zylawy. "The jail administrator has been good getting everybody filled into their spaces and getting their regular work shifts going. We officially opened the jail on March 2. As of last Monday, we had 11 inmates in."

Zylawy was also excited to hear that Secure Rural Schools funding was part of the Omnibus bill that passed last Friday.

"We would be absolutely ecstatic if they could get SRS from payment in lieu of taxes approved, that would be wonderful," Zylawy said. "I think the PILT that we would get this year would be 37 fence and acre and it turns out to be about $225,000 extra PILT. I think we would get around $1 million for the SRS."

The Mineral County jail can hold around 24 inmates and is starting to take in inmates from elsewhere, as things change in Mineral County it could benefit lake county as well, which has been struggling with a full jail all year.

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